👋 Hello, hello.

I’ve recently become more and more involved with a few different crypto projects. Presearch was one of the first few I came across that I truly liked. It’s definitely in its infancy, but I love the idea of a better search solution that tracks less of you. And hey, you get rewarded PRE tokens for searching which is equivalent to a small amount of real money. Win, win, I suppose.

So, when I read that I could assist the project by running my own “node”, I was stoked. Running a Presearch Node essentially means you are providing a relay for search traffic to travel through when attempting to grab results from other search engines. You are then rewarded in PRE tokens for providing a node that has low latency and successfully completes search requests.

The Problem

While setting up my first node, I stumbled across the docker setup script . Turns out that installing Docker CE on Ubuntu is a small mess, so the setup script was significantly easier/quicker. The simplicity of curl | bash inspired me to do something similar to setup a Presearch Node.

The Solution

I created a set of simple bash scripts that you can use to perform standard tasks on a Presearch Node. For now, you can use them to setup, backup, and restore a Presearch Node.

You can view the repository at: https://github.com/seanmarpo/presearch-node-utils

Every utility can be run via a curl ... | bash type operation to ensure ease of use and least amount of system dependencies.

Interested in running your own node?

It was never my intent to try and sell you on running a Presearch Node. But hey, if you think you want to give it a shot, here’s the basic steps – and heck, you can even use my scripts 👏

Go and check out the information at: https://nodes.presearch.org/run to read about the requirements and expectations. If you’re still interested after reading that, fill out request to join form on https://nodes.presearch.org/ , and you should be approved within 24-48 hours.

Wrapping Up

Interesting in using Presearch to search the web privately and earn some random crypto? Use my referral 🙇‍♂️ https://www.presearch.org/signup?rid=2447990

Otherwise, if you have opinions or ideas for improvements – Feel free to open an issue or create a PR. I’d be happy to review it!